Software Testing – a Beginner’s Guide

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You may see some great bugs with great software. Yes, that’s right. The more the number of features a web or mobile application contains, the more rigorous the programming behind it is likely to be. The reason why the last app that you loved ran smoothly as a breeze is that its software undergoes routine check-ups.

Here’s an informative article to help with knowledge of software testing.

  • Software testing is indispensable as it exposes the bugs in a web application that may have been unintentionally incorporated during either the making or the process of updating the application. Testing of software must be performed at regular intervals in order to steer clear of errors arising out of incorrect coding measures or other performance lags.
  • Periodical software testing measures help in strengthening the relationship between customers and their clientele as user experience provides valuable insights into how an existing version of software can be upgraded.
  • It keeps an eye on the written proposal to practical performance ratio being delivered, which contributes to client satisfaction.
  • It works towards the improvement in the overall quality of the product, which is important for the company to have a secure position in a competitive market system.

Having a to-do list:

  • It is vital to have a carefully jotted down list of the aspects that need to be brought under the tester’s attention, so that a thorough check can be undertaken without missing out on anything whatsoever.
  • A software testing plan must have details about the scope, desired results, areas of risk, conditions of fulfillment after which the software would be released for user access.
  • It is friendly paraphernalia in cases when something go wrong and the checking procedure has to be repeated from scratch.

What to expect from the software testing personnel?

  • They must be educationally as well as professionally certified to do the inspection of software.
  • An estimate of expenditure should be provided by them beforehand to keep in mind the concerns of affordability.
  • They must have all the required resources for executing the examination of all software related issues.
  • Proficiency in designing both automated test scripts and manual test methods such as data-driven and keyword-driven testing is required.
  • They should refer to documents that may contain information about previous attempts to deal with the same or related errors. For example, what went wrong and why the issue could not be fixed as it most often accelerates the testing process.
  • Possessing a clear-cut idea of the steps to be implemented during the operation. At the same time being able to cater to unique problems or demands linked to a specific case without violating the standards of examination.
  • Persistence in dealing with a stubborn case and the authority to report the situation to a senior technician for a speedy solution if they fail to deal with the defect.
  • The engineer should have the virtue of politeness when interacting with consumer’s concerns and queries regarding the product, productivity and limitations.
  • Active engagement with the client should be shown in order to gain valuable input of actual usage experience and addressing the complaints better.
  • The software personnel is responsible for creating a receipt of all data pertaining to particulars of the test performed, like name, designation and signature or stamp of the software engineer(s) and their company who are accountable for this inspection. The ways applied to deal with erroneous aspects, and the final outcome.

Things to remember:

  • Always do adequate research before hiring software management professionals and double-check their expertise and years of service in the field.
  • Make software testing on fixed intervals a priority even if no apparent issues are visible. As they may go on to form greater problems – even turn the software itself dysfunctional – if not taken care of.
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