How to Start a Blog For Free Today

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One might wonder if former college student, Justin Hall, knew he was creating an online phenomenon when he started sharing his life through his home page, on the web in 1994. Hall’s “” is considered to be the beginning of what we refer to as a blog today. There are more than 600 million blogs currently available on the web.

Blogging is a creative outlet where you can express yourself and make connections with those who share a common interest. A blog or “weblog” is an online journal or information sharing page, created by an individual or group, looking to share topical information regularly. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the newest posts appearing at the top of the page. Older posts continue to be available through the backlog of entries.

Learning to blog is easy. Begin with your subject matter and write. Be creative and engaging. Make the reader feel like they are sitting next to you having a one-on-one. As time passes your writing skills will benefit and ripen along the way.

Use keywords in every post. A keyword is a term that describes your content. A simple way to find keywords is by using Google. Search your main idea and scroll down to see the "related to" results. Including these keywords will help your blog get found thru search engines and create more organic web traffic.

Once you have your text, pictures, and video ready; it’s time to format and publish. This might seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t. You do not have to be an IT guru to get started. Getting your blog published online is quick and simple. If you have the needed creativity, enlist the help from a blogging platform.

Blogging platforms are software services used to manage and publish blog content over the internet. The platforms allow users to create content, design their page with a choice of available templates, and then publishes it online. There are countless platforms to choose from, all offering unique and similar features.

To choose the one that fits your needs and bank account, you will need to do a little research. The choice depends on your individual expectations. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform currently available. WordPress came on the scene in 2003 and is a household name in the blogging world. When it comes to blogging, the sky’s the limits, literary.

Once you have made your choice and register your blog with the platform, you can begin. Creating your blog is as easy as following the prompts, inserting your content, and hitting the publish button. In less than one hour your blog can be published and live on the web. The blogging platform has become a blogger's best friend

Blogging has also become a great marketing tool for creating revenue for individuals and corporations alike. So, get started. Enter the world of blogging. There is money to be made and millions of readers waiting.

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