6 Simple Ways For Building Your Website Backlinks in San Jose

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Having a good website is a very important thing for any business that wants to succeed in the current marketplace. A website is not only useful for branding, it is also an important marketing too. A tool that is always available. In fact, many companies today rely on digital sales only. A good example of this is Williams-Sonoma, a retailer that generates more than 50% of its revenue from the internet. As many companies have realized, having a good website alone is not enough. This is because having a website that is not being found by users makes no sense. In this article, we will explain simple ways of growing the backlinks of your website, which is an important tool in improving your search rankings.

Get a Good SEO Agency San Jose

If you are not an experienced SEO professional, we recommend that you use the services of a good Silicon Valley SEO agency. The agency will help you get the backlinks using the strategies that have made them succeed. A good SEO San Jose company needs to have many years of experience in the business. The company also needs to show you the work it has done in the past. Most importantly, you should use an SEO company that appears on the first page of Google. If they cannot rank themselves first, how will they do it to you?

Create a Private Blog Network (PBN)

If you decide to build the backlinks yourself, you can start by building a private blog network. This is a simple process of buying domains, installing a CMS platform like WordPress, and then create content that points to your website. Each website should have at least three blogs. While a PBN is a good thing, the process of creating it takes time.

Use Platforms Like Fiverr and Upwork

Another way of building good quality backlinks is to use platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. These are companies that have thousands of freelancers who have experience in the industry. To build many backlinks, we recommend that you hire more than one freelancer. The benefit of this is that you will get many freelancers that charge very little. Some charge as little as $5 to post an article on a good website. Another benefit is that you will be able to get these backlinks faster because these freelancers want to get paid faster.

Expert Roundups

Another way of building backlinks for your company is by using expert roundups. A roundup is an article that is published by a person, rounding up insights of experts in the industry. For example, if you are a hairdresser, you can appear in a roundup titled, 10 professional hairdressers highlight the most important trends for 2019. The benefit of appearing in a roundup is that people tend to read that type of content a lot.

Reach Out to Journalists

These days, there are many websites that are available in the internet. Many journalists are using the internet today to find users. A good way to find backlinks is to get in touch with quality journalists, who will mention your article in their websites. Another way is to do a sponsored post in some of the leading brands. A sponsored post with your link will help you rank higher.

Create a Viral Post

Another way to grow your backlinks is to create a viral post. Every day, we see content that has gone viral. This viral content tends to attract a lot of backlinks from other websites. The viral content we are talking about includes text, video, and infographics.

Final Thoughts

Backlinks are some of the most important things in determining the ranking of a website. It is also the hardest part of optimizing your website for search engines because it involves things you have no control about. You can use some of the tips in this article to gain more backlinks and see your website do well.

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